About Us

TRENDS” is a full-service design firm dedicated to provide a level of outstanding service. Through our designs, we seek to make a lasting impression on every individual who encounters our creations. Our attention to detail and eye for design ensures our clients a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. We pride ourselves in providing each and every one of our clients a design that is tailor-made to their sense of style, aesthetics, and budget.
Our philosophy is to create a perfect balance between aesthetics, safety and function. We seek not to meet, but to exceed your expectations by bringing you the most timeless, unique, functional and innovative designs for your residential interiors.

A note from Chantal Oorbals

To me Interior Design is the art of capturing the essence of a space, transforming ordinary spaces to wonderful aesthetically pleasing spaces. Though the design must evoke emotions and even seduce, it is imperative that it is functional and safe.

When I begin a project, I take into consideration the architectural aspects of the space inside and out, in order to either compliment the architectural aesthetics of the place or to create a contrast between the exterior and the interior.  It is important to keep the clients’ needs in mind and the project criteria, but not to be limited to it.  Instead, a designer must be able to provide their clients with what they need while incorporating aspects that will positively exceed the clients’ expectations.

The beauty of design is that there is an abundance of wonderful ideas and inspirations if we observe closely around us. Ideas and inspirations may not necessarily be directly related to design and architecture; I found that the best isn’t.

I thrive to provide my clients with the best possible design services, as Interior Design is not only my career but very much my passion.

Secondly, I can tell that I’m very proud of our installation team, who always make sure that the creations are realized on a very professional way.